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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Objective and Outcomes:
This Windsor Consultation is designed to review, analyze and assess the current status of successful practices in the fields of water management, technology, innovation and to propose viable recommendations for potential successful projects.  Unique to this “results-oriented” gathering is that it encourages the practical implementation of new models of partnerships, spearheads rethinking of priority actions and strengthens the effectiveness of existing institutional frameworks and implementation mechanisms. By definition, this will require different approaches that draw on new mindsets and resources encouraging actors to explore a variety of partnerships to enhance a “Society for All Ages, and the “New Urban Agenda.” 



The format of the Consultation includes plenary sessions and four breakout groups. The Consultation will raise and discuss certain specific issues in order to establish the essential building blocks for productive sharing of experiences and future actions. The Consultation will include:

1. Presentation of the topic and briefing from the United Nations partners suggested outcomes will be explored; 

2. Presentation of local successful projects and endeavors by participants from both developed and   developing  countries in the area of  water management, technology, entreprepreuralship and innovation  as well as eduction. Explore partnerships and cooperation opportunities;

4. Call for actions to support the new innovations and upscale successful projects. .



The Consultation takes place at St. George’s House within Windsor Castle itself, 13-15 April 2015.

The origins of the venue date back to 1384 when it was established as a place where people of influence and responsibility could come together to explore and develop ideas and possible solutions to the problems of the day.



Prior to the Windsor Castle event, there will be several preliminary working and preparation sessions to fine tune the logistics. Informational concept notes  and questions for discussion are being developed Due to space limitations the gathering at Windsor is organized attendance of 38 participants.

Background of ICCC:

The International Council for Caring Communities (ICCC), established in 1993, responds to the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly aging global population. ICCC stimulates and identifies successful strategies and creative solutions by encouraging their adaptation and/or replication in both developing and developed countries.

Mainstreaming ageing issues, especially within the areas of the built environment and information and communication technologies (ICT), is the centerpiece of ICCC's global dialogue. ICCC is a non-profit organization and has United Nations Special Consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). It serves not only as a leader and catalyst but also as a bridge joining universities, government agencies, the private sector, NGOs as well as United Nations agencies to promote new ways of viewing an integrated Society for all Generations.
Since its inception, one of ICCC’s unique goals has been to highlight the contributions that private enterprises and individuals have made to the betterment of society. Through global dialogues, technical support and international student design competitions, ICCC promotes the mainstreaming of ageing issues through “out of the box” gatherings of non-traditional change agents and experts.

Format Agenda:

Monday 2 November  
·         Noon Check in St. Georges House
·         1400  welcome Tea
·         1500:  General Session …Vicar Hall
o        Welcome to Windsor Castle
o        Setting the Stage
o        Case Studies: 
1 – Water Management
2 -  Technology
3 – Entreprenuralship
4-  Innovation
·        1700: Break …Evening Song ..Optional  Windsor Chapel
·        1800: General Forum
·        1900: Cocktails and dinner
·        2200: Private tour of Windsor Chapel by flashlight

Tuesday 3 November
0800:  Breakfast
0900: Break out sessions:
            1 – Water Management
            2 – Technology
            3 – Innovation
            4 – Entrepenuralship /Education
1100: Break ..tea/coffee (changing of the Guards Ceremony)
1130: Breakout sessions (same as earlier)
1300: Luncheon
1430: General Session – Case Studies
1700: Break …Evening Song ..Optional  Windsor Chapel
1800: General Forum
1900: Cocktails and dinner
2100: 70th Anniversary celebration of the United Nations .

Wedesday 4 November
0800: Breakfast
0930: Breakout sessions
1100: Tea break
1130: General Session: Recommendations for next steps
1300: Lunch – guest speaker
1500 : Check out

15:30: Tour of Windsor Castle Staterooms (optional) 

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