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Friday, November 15, 2019


The Disciplined Entrepreneurship Toolbox
Hi Chris,

After discussing with over 170 people from the startup accelerators ecosystem, we drew some conclusions and wrote down a few best-practices in a series of articles titled Disciplined Accelerators.
The struggles that private accelerators face, mentoring programs that don't work in the long term, when and how education is disruptive or essential — these are just a few of the insights that you can read about below.
Also, if you are an accelerator or have been part of an acceleration program, know that feedback and own unique stories are more than welcome in our inbox. Send them our way!
Education is essential for incubation but disruptive for acceleration
Acceleration should not be an educational program ending with a Demo Day, but a process aimed at helping build a successful business by offering the right support. Build your acceleration process to help you reach...
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Accelerators are dead! Long live Accelerators!
We’ve seen quite a few situations of new accelerators popping up, copying the YCombinator or TechStars model and expecting that hope (or “spray and pray”, how it’s often called in the investment world) will lead to success. In most cases, within three years, most of these ventures turned into...
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Mentoring beyond bragging rights and looking good
Many startups chase famous/known mentors, who have less availability while disregarding less popular mentors who might be more willing to give time and help. Matching mentors with startups, in the beginning, is not a guarantee of...

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