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Monday, July 13, 2020

vienna connections

have started tourbuilder here in 2020 eneter top 10 of livesmatter.city

central european university partof soros osun consortium
ban ki moon - globa; climate adapatability and with former resident of austria global youth civic engagement curriculum

vienna boys choir - wants to fjoin in eg japans www.musicforsdgs.com

at salzburg global salzburg dominic register co-host of first virtual swise connecetd 10 yeras of work at british clouncil - first met when hsotinging yunus 6t9th birthday party

alos this hong kong connection connected cities

Maria Vassilakou

Deputy Mayor and Executive City Councillor at Vienna, Austria

Maria Vassilakou started her political career as Secretary General of the Austrian Students’ Union. In November 1996 she became Member of the Vienna Provincial Parliament. From November 2010 until July 2019 she served as Deputy Mayor of Vienna and Executive City Councillor for Urban Planning, Traffic & Transport, Climate Protection, Energy and Public Participation. She is also the first Executive City Councillor with a migration background. She was born in Greece and migrated to Austria as a student in the mid ’80s. She studied Linguistics and Psychology at the University of Vienna (Magister degree, 1994) and acquired an MSc degree (2019) from the London School of Economics (LSE Cities Programme). In her nine years serving as Deputy Mayor she was responsible for a vast transformation agenda comprising numerous innovative projects. She is currently sharing her know-how and experience with cities working worldwide as an independent consultant.

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