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2020q1 when vaccine is born how can it be marketed so 7.5 billion
2020q2 from how can students and teachers help celebrate advancing sdgs on 75th year of UN

The Economist's entrepreneurial revolutions 49th annual league table of places sees barcelona and vienna playing most critical roles as tipping points of sdgs collapse unless we get back to understanding 90% of innovations advancing human lot start small deep and long in communi8ty or family lab not 90 day extraction mba thrones. Hong MOng takes over as startup epicentral in spite of western fake media to contrary
timelines of
worldclassbrands -what if purpose of brand leaders will exponentially determine success or failure of our final 40 year examination in species sustainability -launched in 1988 with a series in the economist - year of brand, death of brand manager- what needed to die as the world united around death of distance technolgues was the advertising paradim of battling for minds with a different brand for every new product and in every different language- what would be the mos importnant new geres of brands? places? faiths? big data local platforms - how would adam smith and james watt quarter of a century 1760-2010 morph into humanising moore machine intel than human as we entered 4G and 5G decades: back in 1960s alumni of moore had promised 100 times more computation power every decade 0g 1970s onwards - thats an exponential of trillion times moore by end of 2030 than needed to code moon landing- such power depended on trust in collaboration around globalistion's most purposeful brand leaders as well as integration of community sized enterprise value chains if sustainabity golals were to be a united reality not just a greenwashing game

universityofstars -what if world class sporting leagues prepped uber champoins- once you're too old to stay top of the pops in sports song or beauty, what if you already know an sdg leader you want to share your and her alumni with
-launched 2004 in delhi with 100- gandhians after seeing some early reality tv competitions as well as writing up 184's story of the critical deadlines of morphing digital and pre-digital media to be the sustainably deepest of both not the socially most trivial -more

Fascinating to track with hudson institute how many european countries have given up with the official advice of mr trump on building g5 and are letting carriers just do it with whomever offers the best deal washington dc technology's biggest leap -breaking 14 nov - many nations and continents are racing into 2020s with probably the biggest innovation crisis ever du8e to greed of governments spectrum auctions at $G #G- failure to let the peoples use 5g video would 5G exist without china -discussion welcome

Monday, August 31, 2020

road to glasgow nov 2021 cop26 special future newsletter series 15.1

15.1 with 15 months to go to the greatest happening in glasgow since smith and watt began the age of machine and man glasgow u 1760 we will try and issue monthly report on who is linking what home networks in the urgent race to orbit sustainably around mother earth

15.1 reminds us that as little as a year ago unga74 youth believed they were still being heard on climate and sir fazle abed in our view the greatest 20th c alumn of glasgow u was still alive-and the bbc's one truth journalist was being celegrated for his next green opus 7 worlds - bias note i went to school with his nephew- while it was only for 2 years his dad richard went on to produe gandhi, whose 20 years in mumbai overlapped with my mothers upbrnging as her dad sir kennet kemp was mumbai's chief justice

to vc brac u- where are you at the moment?
a bit more on matthew bishop
In a new report, Matthew Bishop of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center has tried to rekindle the spirit of optimism that produced the global goals.  “There are still 10 years to get things right,” he says. “The good news is that proven models exist and provide us with a model of what needs to be done.” Bishop’s recipe includes turning the kind of CEO rhetoric we’ve seen from the Business Roundtable into action and closer scrutiny of those who sign up for initiatives like the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment but “have done the bare minimum in terms of implementation”.  The incentive for those in business and finance, he says, is that “there are potentially huge fortunes to be made”. 
its my assumption bishop is in new york but his italian assignment The Bellagio Center - The Rockefeller Foundation  may be interesting- i dont know what this retreat is famous for but i have read that now cop26 glasgow is postponed to nov 2021 italy is joining with scotland in hosting it

bishop used to do special assignments for economist editor john micklethwait- they both moved to new york around 2015 - micklethwait to edit bloomberg news John Micklethwait - Bloomberg -there is also a halfday 
esg zoom hosted my moodys

-the 2 people my father expected to continue uniting east-west both died suddenly so the smithian editorilal purpose of the economist from founding in 1843 got lost in 1990s- it was already gone before mickletwait/bishop led it through 2005-15 

imo its best to frame the view that every leader who really knew fazle abed in 2010s heard him talking about university coalitions as the succession to his achievements in uniting the largest sdg partnership
 including the 3 hour brief on that topic he gave in remembrance of dad at japan embassy in dhaka 2012

- if soros-botstein yung economics scholars, central euro uni and open society university netwrking osun etc  helping you and ban ki-moon do what you want fine- but the more i look at soros people the more i cant see how they  linkin the two thirds who are asian except with a couple of activist projects eg palestine- and the more i wonder if there is anyone who updates soros on tech for sdgs

my fathers italian friend romano prodi -italian translator of entrepreneurial revolution 1976- has been over to beijing many times connecting students- it would be interesting if bishop is eager to unie prodi or of course any scots relevant to what smith and watt started up

gordon browns wife is hosting the only education summit at the unga75 in  that i can find - tell me if you want the registration details- gordon loved fazle abed but never really put a funding consortium around him - i suppose as the un's overall envoy for education he couldnt take sides; also this years 4 day bloomberg summit is free to zoom - more at 


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