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One of sustainability's biggest paradoxes is the cities of Europe that energise me as a tourist seem so civilised but history shows Europe hosted 2 world wars and Putins Euro of 2022 may be no safer than Stalin's or Hitler's 1920's E. At we wonder if you could time machine to one year in E-history what year would you choose and what report for humanity would you search for? WHAT GOOD CAN PEOPLES UNITE IF THEY HAVE FIRST ACCESS TO 100 TIMES MORE TECH PER DECADE? Back in 1951 my father found this biggest scoop of his life at It was given to him by Hungarian-American John Von Neumann at Princeton
2006: In dads last 2 years age 84 he hosted a 40 person debate at Royal Automobile Club, a few minutes walk from the Royal Palaces - if the greatest human development advance of his lifetime since meeting Von Neumann was networked by a 1billiongirls (Asian Village mothers 2020-1970) - did anyone in the west or at The UN really know how they did this? 16 journeys to Bangladesh by Graduate Journalists has chalked up 2 resources & where both women empowerment luminaries requested we open learning networkers interpret C for Cooperation (not C for Certification) . We enjoyed more than a little help from many people such as Japan's Ambassador. As Diarists out of St James and alumni of Brother James Wilson have recorded: The UK Royal family left most of the human development of two thirds of beings in Asia to Prince Charles. As a 16 year old he had been assigned the duty to attend the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. 3 happy-good natured seeds were planted from that day on - good relations between Japan Empire and some of Europe's Royals; Sony as Japan's first inward investment in Europe; the birth of whether worldwide sports celebrities are tele2's blessing or a curse as next generations greatest heroines (Tokyo was the first satellite broadcast to a global audience). What if it turns out that in the 21st C European royals value sustainability of millennials more than soundbitimg politicians or professional bureaucrats whose Intel rules have no mathematical or human transparency. This strangely unpopular question is the purpose of events diaries by and education's 3ed co-creative revolution - thanks Glasgow University Union for marking up one of 2023's main QOH events 265th Smithian Moral Sentiments . If you have an event for our diaries to cooperate around please mail me It may be that us far north diaspora scots are more interdependent on you all Europeans than anyone apart from whomever angry nature or angry purtins hurt next??. Sample some Future History Good/bad News Reports? ...1955 report what was Messina (birthing EU) for? 1945 report what was british language world service for?; 2022-1945 what was UN & ITU for; dad. The economist's norman macrae, spent his last days as teen navigating air planes bomber command burma; he tried his best at reparation ever since- wind assisted, so to speak, by the most valuable question media men were ever given - von neumann 1951 asked dad: to ask anyone/everyone what goods will peoples do with 100 times more uniting tech every decade to 2020s? In 1951, VN had 6 years left working on good (ie way above zero sum human development exchages) after the Goats of maths (including einstein turing ..) had spent moist of their life on the bad on nuclear arms racing. They had a reason to defeat hitler. I am no genius (just a listener who ,oves transparent maps/maths) ---but can anyone tell me why are we currently using nuclear races to defaeal all 8 billion of our beings. MUCH MORE IMPORTANT FROM 9/9/2022: if you have time to add positive thinking to our survey - please do

Saturday, January 23, 2021

 thank you geneva #davosagenda weforum online timing central euro -eg 6 hours ahead of new york/UN




8.00 responding covid li xin-caixin: maurer red cross; gong yingying yidu tehc;  mahuta nz foreign affairs; kamineni appollo hospitals

9.00 restoring economic growth -Gideon Rachman Foreign Affairs Commentator, The Financial Times; Shanmugaratnam Senior Minister, Government of Singapore; Sri Mulyani Indrawati Ministry of Finance of Indonesia Haruhiko Kuroda Governor, Bank of Japan

10.00 net zero cities Grace Fu  Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment of Singapore Jan Suykens Ackermans & van Haaren NV; Francesco La Camera International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA); ristina Gamboa, World Green Building Council; Francesco Starace  Enel SpA Jean-Pascal Tricoire Schneider Electric

10 unlocking social entrepreneurs  Meagan Fallone , Barefoot College;;Shereen Bhan  CNBC-TV18;;Alicia Bárcena Ibarra, United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC);;Corinne Bazina;;Vice-President, Danone Communities Fund, Danone;;Cheryl L. Dorsey Echoing Green;Precious Moloi-Motsepe, Motsepe Foundation; Hilde Schwab Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, World Economic Forum Geneva; François Bonnici Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship  Meenakshi Gupta, Goonj

11.00 advancing new social contract with half of global workforce at risk ; Hilary CottamCentre for the Fifth Social Revolution;;James Quincey Chairman The Coca-Cola Company;Pedro SánchezPrime Minister of Spain,;;Sharan BurrowInternational Trade Union Confederation (ITUC); Paul KagamePresident of Rwanda, Jo Ann Jenkins AARP;  Saadia Zahidi Managing Director, World Economic Forum Geneva

12.00 building crisis resistant health systems Warren Jude Fernandez Editor-in-Chief, The Straits Times Pascal Soriot Chief Executive Officer, AstraZeneca Plc Catharina Bohme Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND )Kevin Washington YMCA of the USA Mazen S. Darwazeh; President, Middle East and North Africa, Hikma Pharmaceuticals Plc ;Arnaud Bernaert Head, Shaping the Future of Health and Healthcare, World Economic Forum Geneva

12.00 TARGETS/PATWAYS TO ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION  Thorold BarkerEditor, Europe & mena, The Wall Street Journal; Ray Dalio Founder, Bridgewater Associates LP ;;Robert E. Moritz Global Chairman, PwC; Rajiv Shah President, The Rockefeller Foundation;; Ann Cairns Vice-Chairman, Mastercard; Saadia ZahidiManaging Director, World Economic Forum Geneva

14.15 COVID 2

15.30 DELIVERING THE RESKILLING REVOLUTION  Andrew McAfee Co-Founder, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy;;Asheesh Advani President, JA Worldwide;;Mariéme Jamme Founder  iamtheCODE; Iyan Roslansky CEO, LinkedIn Corporation;;Majid Jafar CEO, Crescent Petroleum; Saadia Zahidi World Economic Forum Geneva; Leena Nair Chief HR, Unilever

15.30 STAKEHOLDER CAPITALISM Edward Felsenthal TIME;;Mariana Mazzucato Professor, University College London (UCL);;Klaus Schwab Founder World Economic Forum Geneva;;;Alexander De Croo Prime Minister of Belgium;;Angelique Kidjo Musician and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador;Dan Schulman President PayPal

16.30 pursuing happiness post-covid   Lisa Witter Co-Founder Apolitical; Alex Liu Chairman, Kearney Inc.;;Tali Sharot Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London (UCL) Alison Gopnik Professor, University of California, Berkeley

17.00 restoring economies option 2   Geoff Cutmore, CNBC;;Bruno Le Maire france Minister of the Economy, Finance and the Recovery ;;Christine Lagarde President, European Central Bank;;Herbert Diess, Volkswagen AG  David Solomon ceo The Goldman Sachs Group Inc.;Peter Altmaier germany Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy

18.00 special address by antonio guterres UN 

18.00 resetting digital currencies  Sheila WarrenHead of Blockchain and Data Policy; World Economic Forum LLC;;Elizabeth Rossiello Founder, BTC Africa S.A.;;Hikmet Ersek, The Western Union Company;Andrew BaileyGovernor, Bank of England; Glenn H. Hutchins Chairman, North Island

1800 reimagining education 2   Andrew Jack Global Education Editor, The Financial Times Angela Duckworth  Professor, University of Pennsylvania; John Goodwin ceo The LEGO Foundation; Igor Tulchinsky Founder, , WorldQuant LLC

1800 delivering social justice economics Caroline Casey Founder The Valuable 500;;Peter T. Grauer Chairman, Bloomberg LP; Ashleigh Shelby Rosette Fuqua School of Business; Tatiana Clouthier Mexico Secretary of Economy, Saadia Zahidi Managing Director, World Economic Forum Geneva

16.30 accelerating grassroots innovation john Dutton Head, Uplink;  World Economic Forum Geneva; Diego Saez-Gil Founder Pachama; Eren Bali ceo Carbon Health; Moitreyee Sinha ceo, citiesRISE;;H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway

19.30 press conference Alem Tedeneke Media Lead, Canada, Latin America and Sustainable Development Goals, World Economic Forum LLC; Rebecca MarmotChief Sustainability Officer, Unilever;;Gabriela Bucher Executive Director, Oxfam International;;PilAto Musician and Activist;;;Darrick Hamilton Henry Cohen Professor of Economics and Urban Policy and University Professor, The New School

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