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Thursday, February 11, 2021

how to fail 27 nations peoples at the same time

 the eu's failure with vaccine distribution is just one of hundreds of scenarios that will play out when every community needs life critical service at the same time

many of these waste children every day in education settings- even if the tragic outcome is long-term

ai ought to be applicable to such situations but clearly the eu hasnt begun to understand ai in ways that most urgent services map -ai involves claity of statistics and data as it serves operational platforms (the 21st c test of really effective public service) not just issuing blanket privacy or non-privacy commands

is the structure of the eu capable of making covid the last such failure? over 28 years of research as a ma in statistics, reveals not much evidence that the eu learnt from quasi similar challenges - eg the subprime fraud or the need for a sustainable border model to refugee flows when your transatlantic partnerships cause failed nations however unintended

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