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Sunday, November 7, 2021

what were the dreams of the 6 Euro peoples in 1955

The EU was born at Messina in 1955 thanks to the coordination of Jean Monnet. Since my father (The Economist's norman macrae) was the only journalist at Messina I can tell you roughly what the peoples wanted

first all 6 country's peoples wanted to prevent extinction which at that time seemed most likely to be caused by endless wars -in the 6's cases particularly between parts of germany and france- the alsace region main city strasbourg  seemed a particular volatile cocktail on the french side of the border

when you look at it, the germans have in living memory been best in the west at engines of the sort that power things- we argue this is different from 3 other kinds f engines one of which is commucations

to be honest i dont think eiether french or itailan peoples ever wanted to enter nation's competitions to produce engines; i think they like artistically designing local paradises on earth; maybe i have just been lucky but whenever i have holidayed in italyor france thats what i feel- at a more serious level of world responsiility italy and france could have led deveopment of all peoples neignoring the med sea- this is not something the other eu founders have any border with nor much historical responsibility (through colonia era) on

I dont mean to be rude to luxembourg but it seems its siize magde it a great niche for being rich europens bankers (and on teh occasions when finacial creatibvity got too starined finding them a swiss account)

of the six i probably least know what belgium people wanted ; they seem to me to have teh dame needs as the dutch in many ways but somehow to have become budrened with eu bureaucratics; i am really not meaning to be rude to either duttch or belkgioum people- more than anyone in the eu i admire dutch ecological skills with water and wind and although I may be wrong I feel the dutch helped civilisde the excesses of the british in asia where companies like unilever and royal dutch shell ere fonded with dual nations ownership; when all is said and done -somehwo the dutch and brits made epace when the dutch swapped new york for british promise to let the peacefull maxinse nutmeg trading out of indonesia; pf cousre the dutch and britis later had to sort out how they jointluy colonied teh startegically placed south africa but by that time I am not wise eneough to uderstand how the largely progressive anglo-dutch relationship of teh 20th century becaome such a sad case of apartheid in africa; I understand thats partly what the markets of gold and diamond did to a place whose main resources were in those two expensively scary commodities

if we do assume the 4 graetesdt creative revolutions are
1 power of enginesd - then as said none of teh other 5 wanted to compete with germany on that - what they did want was to mix up farnce coal and steel markets so much that neither side ever warred agaian
when it comes to communications markets - on the contents side all cold be equals - and the same seems to go for post-wolrld wars 2 main new ways od using engines

whats really strange is when rhe 6 in 1963 ended morality of free markets with the commonagricultural policy which fractured the continuing responsibility to former med sea colonies; thus the med sea intheold world a win-win place to trade slowly spiralled into the sea of refugees -hastened from 1970s by the market for gas throwing a curve ball  between arabia and anywhere whose industrial policy was built on cheap gas. '

By now what was needed was very carefulmquestioning the eu-6 pupose- they were unbalanced by being a nort europe trading zone with policies that were not win-win with otehr med sea nations; which were not an evident match to cmoparative advantages of any of uk spain or portugal; which were always going to be rightfull dominated by the german desire to get back east germany; the time frame for thsi was easy to plan for from the early 198s0 as our book 2025 report shows; however the eu failed misderably to work out what the consequences would be for building east  geramny on cheap acess to russdian energy

all in all histry shows sustainability crises are aboove all teh ersponsibiliuty of teh 7 white emepiresd that had also been the main instigtors of world war 2 and whose ethncity was the white race - less than 15% of total human population (about  10% in the cintnent of Euripe) - thus we hve the double whammy of the usa and ue ultimately leading the neocolobial world in ways that do not yet integrate with the sustanability nededs of asians, afrcans or atin americans   -how say you chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

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