1955 report what was Messina (birthing EU) for? 1945 report what was british language world service fo?; 2022-1945 what was UN & ITU for; dad. The economist's norman macrae, spent his last days as teen navigating air planes bomber command burma; he tried his best at reparation ever since- wind assisted, so to speak, by the most valuable question media men were ever given - von neumann 1951 asked dad: to ask anyone/everyone what goods will peoples do with 100 times more uniting tech every decade to 2020s? In 1951, VN had 6 years left working on good (ie way above zero sum human development exchages) after the Goats of maths (including einstein turing ..) had spent moist of their life on the bad on nuclear arms racing. They had a reason to defeat hitler. I am no genius (just a listener who ,oves transparent maps/maths) ---but can anyone tell me why are we currently using nuclear races to defaeal all 8 billion of our beings. MUCH MORE IMPORTANT FROM 9/9/2022: if you have time to add positive thinking to our survey QueenofHearts.city - please do

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

 Today the global goals published 5 things we people can do about Ukraine https://www.globalgoals.org/five-ways-you-can-support-ukraine/  in 2005 I was a director of www.simpol.org - London's Year of Make Poverty History. If I recall The GlobalGoals is related to the BBC annual fundraiser (in 2005 called Red Nose Day). Although Mandela started hope in 2005 off at Trafalgar Square , everything ended in 7/7 including death of my mentor https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-11838135 . In 17 years going from 7/7 to Putin today - I am having difficulty recalling when did humanity last make a giant leap forward- i would love some leap forward case study references- anyone?