Its time for europe's number 2 extreme racist macron to resign - read report on way liverpudlians (previously victims of stadium collapses and idol john lenin assassinated- if us-japan do not demand ban of paris hosting events- then g7 better disband its cruel hatred of all the peoples = action 1 move the olympics; action 2 host another entrerpreurial revolution summit a glasgow university - in 2010 the french (eg martin hirsch end poeverty, emanuel fabre ende food destrot=ying nature ... ) were number 2 partiipants with 20 french partners of yunus sustainable purpose of market sectors;; in contrast barnier shoud by now be in elba if thats where the french reserve the number 2 traitor to communities across europe uniting around sustainabe agruiulture, sustainble health; education fit for millennials purpose; trach unga summit sept 2022 what UN calls unfrt for youth ever being the sustainble generation and how unesco is the only un agency that keeps finding excuses not to whooly chnage education -how many french are among the first 400 to join in the tech savvy awarenss college year competion is there one french leader left at sustainability greats of all time;- the euro will never rise again well unless macron french-style racists are exitesd (and unlesseu-usa defeat rissia before wineter-; bye bye the most racist french national leader since world war 2 -unless french peoples vote for some else rsvp , editorial board adam smith scholars journals new economics and social business, librarian of of diaries of word entrepreneur sicve it was coined by smith friend jb say
13% of humans are white - please don't let their vested interests end our specis---in english speaking world those who have not been censored by politicians have known democracy is useless -nay species terminating - unless big vested interests are kept out of capital cities-see the economist journals on this between 1843-1989 but not since directors included at critical times in 2000s capital one and google no wonder eu and usa have the worst kill rates of their citizens by covid for failing to understand this lesson- meanwhile astra zeneca shareholders should take a class action against every european leader who scapegoats the worlds most affordable vaccine- there has been at least 6 months to model how to distribute vacine- unless eu leaders who have failed their people the euro will become much for the real lessons of entrepreneurship which the french said they defined the word around in 1800 but have so utterly failed since their politicians have played big get bigger games with eu and g8. want a second opinion - ask romano prodi why he translated the economist's 1976 entreprenurial revolution into italian or ask george soro why he was the first rich man to support gorbachev and those trying to make the fall of the berlin wall happy for orinary peoples of every place apart from stalinistos or ask pope francis why he lodged a formal complaint against strasbourdg's relenltess destruction of young europeans - when european leaders kill their own people with misinformation on astra zeneca- over and over- what will be the punishment? jean monnet must be rolling in his grave at such scary leadership

wish audrey tang's curriculum was celebrated in all schools - and her reverse mentorship paradigm was core to sdg leadership
of europe's top politicians overlast 25 years beggars belief- now killing people through poorly designed random testing of vaccines that delayed roll-out and adaptability to virus variation- previously multiplier of subprime unemployment, destruction of livelihoods at europe borders inside outside eu, destroying a place's peoples opportunity to invest in either relative advantages or their own most entrepreneurial data mapmakers- to discuss rsvp - co-organised under 30s cop26 andtenth yearof adam smith scholars journal..

Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,
Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland,
Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, North Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro,
Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden,Switzerland, (Turkey), Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican City
SPECIAL THANKS 2020 TO EUROPE'S LIVESMATTER.CITY coalition: barcelona rome oxford-glasgow vienna geneva ...q1 when vaccine is born how can it be marketed so 7.5 billion ;;livesmatter? q2 from how can students and teachers help celebrate advancing sdgs on 75th year of UN
The Economist's entrepreneurial revolutions 49th annual league table of places sees barcelona and vienna playing most critical roles as tipping points of sdgs collapse unless we get back to understanding 90% of innovations advancing human lot start small deep and long in communi8ty or family lab not 90 day extraction mba thrones.
timelines of worldclassbrands -what if purpose of brand leaders will exponentially determine success or failure of our final 40 year examination in species sustainability -launched in 1988 with a series in the economist - year of brand, death of brand manager- what needed to die as the world united around death of distance technolgues was the advertising paradim of battling for minds with a different brand for every new product and in every different language- what would be the mos importnant new geres of brands? places? faiths? big data local platforms - how would adam smith and james watt quarter of a century 1760-2010 morph into humanising moore machine intel than human as we entered 4G and 5G decades: back in 1960s alumni of moore had promised 100 times more computation power every decade 0g 1970s onwards - thats an exponential of trillion times moore by end of 2030 than needed to code moon landing- such power depended on trust in collaboration around globalistion's most purposeful brand leaders as well as integration of community sized enterprise value chains if sustainabity golals were to be a united reality not just a greenwashing game
universityofstars -what if world class sporting leagues prepped uber champoins- once you're too old to stay top of the pops in sports song or beauty, what if you already know an sdg leader you want to share your and her alumni with
-launched 2004 in delhi with 100- gandhians after seeing some early reality tv competitions as well as writing up 184's story of the critical deadlines of morphing digital and pre-digital media to be the sustainably deepest of both not the socially most trivial -more
27 years of statistical incompetence of euro political leaders beggars belief and will be increasingly deadly - to discuss covid crises, fake banking, fake pece at borders, misvaluation of exponential risks, devil-takes hindmost policies impacting europe's youth rsvp cris.macrae@YAHOO.CO.UK SUBJECT DEADLY POLITICIANS ...Fascinating to track with hudson institute how many european countries have given up with the official advice of mr trump on building g5 and are letting carriers just do it with whomever offers the best deal washington dc technology's biggest leap -breaking 14 nov - many nations and continents are racing into 2020s with probably the biggest innovation crisis ever du8e to greed of governments spectrum auctions at $G #G- failure to let the peoples use 5g video would 5G exist without china -discussion welcome 1957 JON VON NEUMANN - THE WORLD AND HUNGARIAN AMERUCANS MOST VALUABLE MATHS BRAIN DIES LEAVING AN IMMEDIATE LEGACY OF MOON RACING AND TWO AI LABS -ATLANTIC COAST FACING OUT OF IT BOSTON, PACIFIC CIAST FACING OUT OF STANFORD


Saturday, May 28, 2022

extract from soros - Fight of Our Lives - davos


The Fight of Our Lives

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping have much in common: They rule by intimidation, which leads them to make mind-boggling mistakes – Putin in Ukraine, and Xi with an unsustainable zero-COVID policy. But the deep flaws of their closed societies do not imply that open societies are destined to prevail.

DAVOS – Since the last Davos meeting, the course of history has changed dramatically. Russia invaded Ukraine. This has shaken Europe to its core. The European Union was established to prevent such a thing from happening. Even when the fighting stops, as it eventually must, the situation will never revert to the status quo ante. Indeed, the Russian invasion may turn out to be the beginning of World War III, and our civilization may not survive it.

The invasion of Ukraine did not come out of the blue. The world has been increasingly engaged over the past half-decade, or longer, in a struggle between two diametrically opposed systems of governance: open society and closed society.


is reinich new marco polo


entrepereneurs without borders across eurasia... whatever happened to eurasia vision summer 2018  - youtube silkroad4.0

 Our distributed hybrid SILKROAD 4.0 event will come up soon! We will jointly travel to #Israel and discuss the topic of "Digital Connectivity". Therefore we will bring our partners from around the world together using exactly these digital technologies. Signup to learn more!

When: May 30th 2022 17:00-19:30 CEST (door open: 16:00)
Where: in 10-15 locations around the world + the #VR campus of our partner Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN)

๐ŸŒŽ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ Register at

๐Ÿ‘ณ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘ท๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿป Requested Panelists
๐ŸŽค Keynote Eva A. Kaili (Vice-President of the European Parliament)
๐ŸŽค Keynote Dr. Steve S. Chen, Ph.D. (Chief Architect, CEO & Founder, Information Supergrid Technologies USA Inc.)
๐ŸŽค Matan Vilnai, Former Israeli minister for Science&Technology, former Ambassador to China
๐ŸŽค Keynote Liron Urman, General Manager at Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce
๐ŸŽค Keynote Helmut Leopold, Head of Center for Digital Safety & Security, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH; Founder International Digital Security Forum

๐Ÿ”ญ๐Ÿ”ฌ๐Ÿ’ก About this event:
In 1950, Israel was the first country in the Middle East to recognize the People’s Republic of China as the legitimate government of China, although normal diplomatic relations were not established until 1992. Since then, Israel and China have developed increasingly close strategic economic, military, and technological links with each other. In this opening chapter of the 2022 SILKROAD 4.0 journey, we travel to Tel Aviv to learn more about Israel’s rapid transformation into an economic and technological powerhouse and the current state of Israel-China relations in these turbulent times. The focus of this event is on global Digital Connectivity, along the Digital and Maritime Silk Roads, where we will engage with Israeli, European, Chinese, and US thought leaders on topics such as: global connectivity;  Xtended Reality (XR) and VR; supercomputing grids, AI and robotics, smart and sustainable cities; cross-border e-payment systems; cybersecurity developments; digitalization, the internet, and e-commerce.
In addition, we will also touch briefly the technology transfer between Israel and China; and the impact of sanctions arising from the Russia-Ukraine conflict -- against the backdrop of current Israel-China trade and investment relations.

This SILKROAD 4.0 event is part of the official Pre-Programm of the International Digital Security Forum (IDSF) and a parallel track of iLRN Conference 2022.

Faculty of Economics & Business Zagreb Austrian Chinese Business Association (ACBA)  Carinthian International Center  German Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA) e.V. China Switzerland Connection Virbela

Digital Silk Road meets Production & Industrial Cooperation

Join our interactive #silkroad40 expert discussion by registering at Eventbrite or follow the event live at SilkRoad 4.0 YouTube Channel.
Start: Thu., November 18th at 18:00 CET, 20:00 TRT, 09am PST

๐Ÿ‘ณ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘ท๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿป Panelists
๐ŸŽค Remote Location Partner (Zagreb), Prof. Kosjenka Dumanฤiฤ‡ , Vice-dean for international cooperation and projects, Faculty of Economics & Business Zagreb
๐ŸŽค Cooperation Partner, Dr. YILDIZ TUGBA KURTULUS KARA, Founder, Society 5.0. Institute
๐ŸŽค Welcome Umut ร–zdemir, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Turkey
๐ŸŽค Keynote Zafer Mese, General Coordinator Germany, SETA Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research
๐ŸŽค Keynote Orhan Ozer, Former President & CEO of Toyota Turkey, Former Vice-President of Toyota Motor Europe

๐ŸŽค In addition, our select SILKROAD 4.0 members will participate in the discussion.

Moderators: Prof. Dr. Donald Lewis, Dr. Harvey DzodinDr. Philipe REINISCH (็‘ž่ฒๅˆฉ).

๐ŸŒŽ ๐ŸŒ ๐ŸŒ About the event series:
Since its launch in late 2013, China’s Belt and Road Initiative has caused a lasting impact on the geopolitical dynamics of the world. China’s international connectivity strategy fosters a more balanced, multi-centric world system on a mutual eye level, but leaves many question marks for Westerners. Even experts struggle to comprehend all facets of this strategy. 
The SILKROAD 4.0 event series brings together leading experts within their fields, discussing what Europe can learn from Asia - and Asia from Europe.

๐Ÿ”ญ๐Ÿ”ฌ๐Ÿ’ก About this event:
Turkey is a central global logistic hub, connecting Europe and Asia already since the middle ages and before. But not only is Turkey known for its transport industry, but also for its relevance in producing goods for the world market. In particular, Turkey and China have been gearing up “production and industrial cooperation” – an important element of China’s BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) – for the last few years, which has accelerated recently with the opening up of the “Middle Corridor” (or TCIT) and COSCO’s substantial investments in Kumport Terminal. The emphasis currently is on strengthening advanced technological cooperation and production in Turkey for export abroad, including EU markets. At present, more than 30 Chinese digital companies have investments or partners in Turkey.
Join us to find out more about Asia-Turkey production and industrial cooperation in key sectors of the Turkish economy, as well as trade opportunities.

SILKROAD 4.0 #industrialcooperation #production #silkroad #turkey #asia #EU #GlobalGateway  #SilkRoad4zero #society5zero #partnershipforgoals #SDG17

A big thank you to our partners:
German Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA) e.V.Austrian Chinese Business Association (ACBA) and the Institute for Euro-Asian Studies (ZEI)
Activate to view larger image
xxx*) The following article was published in the Guangming Daily Newspaper. Approximate translation by Google Translate, Dr. Philipe Reinisch.

The coronavirus epidemic has not only had a huge impact on the global economy but also affected the traditional business models and international exchanges based on the movement of people. Faced with the new reality that humans and viruses may coexist for a long time, many international cooperation projects based on the “Belt and Road” initiative are actively exploring online business models, and while responding to challenges with digitalization, they have obtained new development opportunities.

Recently, our reporter interviewed Dr. Philipe Reinisch, initiator of the "Silk Road 4.0" project. Dr. Reinisch launched a Silk Road expedition in 2018, riding a high-tech motorcycle from Vienna over 15,000 kilometers and arriving in China after more than 4 months. Through this "Silk Road 4.0" trip, he not only tested the scientific and technological achievements developed by the partner companies. But he also successfully brought these scientific and technological projects to China, setting up a network for scientific and technological cooperation between China and Europe, producing remarkable results.

Dr. Reinisch originally planned to organize the project again this year, expanding the original network, but the sudden new corona epidemic disrupted the original plan. It also made him start to rethink the model of promoting Sino-European technology cooperation. 

Dr. Reinisch said that the original version of "Silk Road 4.0" he planned to launch this year is a commercial project that connects Asia and Europe and aims to promote China-Europe scientific and technological cooperation. Participants can choose cars, public transportation, trucks or motorcycle as a means of transportation - in the meaning of a "tech caravan tour" using a high-tech fleet. The expedition trip will start from Austria, traverse the whole of Europe, pass through many countries in the "Silk Road Economic Belt", and finally arrive in China. The vision is to have spontaneous participants joining at any time during the journey. Participants use high-tech travel technology to stay connected with each other. 

The project facilitates contacts with local experts in different fields of science and technology through various activities in multiple locations. It will discuss the latest trends in the high-tech field, expedite in-depth exchanges on possible future cooperation projects, and support a true Silk Road vision with professional consulting services.

However, the sudden new coronavirus epidemic has changed the original plan. Especially the business model based on "technology + travel" has to be temporarily shelved due to the tightening of entry and exit policies of countries around the world. This required Dr. Reinisch to pivot the project and to launch an "Online Silk Road" campaign. The specific form is to bring together emerging technology companies in an online format to promote their latest technology products in various countries. Examples for possible technologies include artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, blockchain, green tech, or next-generation battery systems. This online travel plan begins in September this year, starting from Europe and ending in China while traversing the entire Eurasian continent. Through "virtual visits" in countries related to the "Belt and Road", it connects participating members with experts from local companies. Together, companies have the opportunity to develop scientific and technological projects with local partners to achieve scientific and technological excellence.

Dr. Reinisch said that in the cooperation of emerging technology, mutual trust is of utmost importance because in the early stage people often don't know whether these innovative projects will succeed. True trust is built on long-term, uninterrupted personal contact with each other. But this turns even more difficult during the epidemic, especially when the two parties originate from different cultural backgrounds. Face-to-face interactions in interpersonal communication are difficult to replace. This is the biggest challenge of the project. So, how can people build trust through digital communication? The answer is through time spent together and by shared experiences and successes. When people need to complete a project together, unfamiliar partners will gradually understand, learn, and ultimately build trust through these common goals. Although the new coronavirus epidemic has had an impact on "Silk Road 4.0", their goal of promoting China-EU scientific and technological cooperation remains unchanged, except that the method will be changed from face-to-face communication to an online interchange.

In addition to the impact of the epidemic itself, the changes in international relations caused by the epidemic and its collateral effects are also strenuous challenges for any scientific and technological cooperation. Dr. Reinisch said that due to the outbreak and other reasons, in the past few months disputes between some countries have been escalating. Numerous negative reports have caused people to be cautious and even skeptical when interacting across borders. Many countries have appeared to distrust products and partners of other countries. To win back the confidence of foreign partners, people have to jointly work diligently. Therefore, professional project management needs to show more predictable and sustainable win-win goals in order to be sustainable during this current global trust crisis. Besides that, it is also very important to adopt a communication method that suits the corresponding cultural background, as the means and habits of communication between the East and the West are not the same. Another major challenge comes from different or even incompatible innovation ecosystems. An example is the data exchange between China and Europe. Europeans need to switch from the traditional asynchronous mail-based business communication approach to WeChat or other advanced tools for real-time information exchange when communicating with Chinese organizations. Therefore, teaming up with a partner with a practical and proven knowledge in China-EU scientific and technological cooperation is a necessary pre-condition for the safe and effective completion of any project.

Dr. Reinisch said that his personal main focus of interest is now how interpersonal relationships will develop in the future in this post-epidemic era, and which supporting social mechanisms and technological tools will take the lead. He hopes to bridge the cultural and technological gap with his global "Online Silk Road" vision and to facilitate an exchange between China and European partners at eye level. When the conditions permit again, he will restart the "Silk Road 4.0" journey in the future. Although digital tools and virtual online travel can help people communicate with cross-cultural and cross-regional partners, after all, there is no tool that can completely replace real face-to-face interaction between people.

(Our newspaper, Vienna, July 29th, by Jiao Shousong, our correspondent in Vienna)

If you want to join the Emerging Technology Tour 2020 event series starting on September, 24th 2020, please apply for access here: