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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

yunus conquers the world

paris tour
in 2008 it looked as if paris and muhamamd yunus would become a global benchmark for civics curriculum - paris was the only epicentre in europe for a bank of te unemployed (adie); paris world class leader of end poverty had been asked by president sarkozi to plan youth serves france opportunity (one to 2 years that any youth could apply to); sarkozi had also commissioned a report from stiglitz on everything that indsutraial age economics was destroying; ceo frank riboud of danone http://danonecommunities.comwas leading a cluster of corporates in innovating sustainabiliuty with yunus; HEC was announced as the world's first iuniveruty to offer a social MBA

but paris did not think of desiging a civics surriculum for 9 year olds - could this hve scaled across the country and communities?

Martin Hirsch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Martin Hirsch (born 6 December 1963 in Suresnes) is the former head of Emmaüs France, the former High Commissioner for Active Solidarity against Poverty, and the High Commissioner forYouth in the government of François Fillon.

Toward employment : French examples By Martin Hirsch, Former High ...


Jun 30, 2016 - Toward employment : French examples By Martin Hirsch, Former High Commissionner for youth policies and anti poverty programms President ...

Martin Hirsch | Spinelli Group


Martin Hirsch (born 6 December 1963 in Suresnes) is former head of Emmaüs ... for Active Solidarity against Poverty, and the High Commissioner for Youth.

[PDF]Experimental Fund for the Youth


Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab
Created in december 2008 by Martin Hirsch. (High Commissionner for the Youth). ▻Encourage innovative programs for the youth. ▻Experiment and evaluate ...

Commission launches youth health initiative - Health and Environment ...


Jun 10, 2011 - Key note speakers included H.R.H Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, France's High representative for Youth Martin Hirsch, World Health ...


Greater New York City Area - ‎President at ReMEDies Surgical Supplies corp - ‎ReMEDies Surgical Supplies corp
View MARTIN HIRSCH'S professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's ... MARTIN HIRSCH. President at ... Activities and Societies: YOUTH CARE ...

rest provides more technical report of where paris got to

see YunusCity Paris for notes on www.adie.org the benchmark loan system ending unemployment across europe- if you find anything as replicable as this commisioner barnier wants to know- see bottom of this brief for more details