Wednesday, February 6, 2019



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  1. The State 10 years ago why not empower youth work on futures they want? G5 to change world far more than smartmobile08 - youth map local- global - last week melinda gates jack ma led 20 genii DC at UNCTAD - why no tv coverage

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Fireside Chat with the Asia Scotland Institute

Shortly after my book party at Teneo in London, the Asia Scotland Institute hosted a talk for me at the Waldorf Astoria in Edinburgh to discuss my new book Will China’s Economy Collapse?  But before the evening festivities began, Roddy Gow, founder of Asia Scotland, sat down with me for a brief fireside chat to provide his membership a preview of my remarks.  The chat has now been posted on YouTube: ​

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Right Old Muddle


As I was cleaning up my father's office as part of his estate duties, I found a little black book. It was a diary from 1944. The most common entry- today was another right old muddle. An entry not much longer than a twitter would profile a man who had flown out never to return, Dad had spent his last days as a teenager in world war 2 navigating RAF airplanes over modernday myanma and bangladesh.

The European Union is a Right Old Muddle.(ROM) As Pope Francis declared: Its designed by and for old people (pobzi chain subprime propert6y, ponzi chain health, ponzi chain politicians pensions ... designed by same empire mins that ruined southern coastal belts of aisa and of med sea as once happiest areas to trade) , In today's EU at most 3 countries grow youth - Germany (the currency makes german exports half cost they would otherwise be), Luxembourg (the nearest thing toi swiss private banking fantasy land inside the eu) and Brussels (well big gets bigger and bigger insides eu's walled capital). Perhaps all other youth inside the EU should emigrate to GLB. The USA is a ROM too. Last year more youth died from opiods on the street that road accidents. So little do educators , financiers, gun-lovers or top-down government value the community futures of boys let alone girls 

If media wasnt fake, as a parent or having once been a kid i ask you to be very interested to know all about this. Even if last US research on this was 1913!

 Meanwhile Dad's last project from 2007 sent mainly  girl graduates to exchange ideas between the BBC - Britain Bangladesh China. The first shock was that ny 2008 we had found out that worldwide there were no jobs waiting for more than half the youth whatever stage they left the education system. In other words youth needed to know how to entrepreneurially starts up livelihoods.   Well the news in 2019 isnt much better. It does explain why it would be good for every person in Europe if the house of cards that is EU bureaucracy tumbled faster than Kevin Spacey's reputation. ...However dad started researching this problem at the time of the moon landing. He turned the economist into the world favorite viewspaper by debating what if by 2030 we are spending over 4000 times more money and time, socially and economically, on communications technology

There are only 2 endgames to such an irreversible system of systems change. We know big brother very well thanks to george orwell's 1984 or donald trump. We still dont seem to have got top people to come back down to 1000 moon races on earth - the only way we will sustain girls let alone boys everywhere.

But first lets see if there are any economists like keynes left able to help us end the plagues of the EU and Donald TrumpTweets
  1. WHAT DO SCHOOLS TEACH, WHAT COULD THEY TEACH If NW media wasnt fake, parents, kids free to search. Dad's last project 2007-19 mainly girl grads to Britain Bangladesh China BBC2.1.see wise@paris EU youth-dead
  2. 2/4 Death of EU or species? Keynes general theory: fake media & macroeconomists = greatest danger to youth unless hippocratic oath : exponential futurise 2 goals - end poverty, improve girls livelihood ops & apps @ every community.
  3. Right Old Muddle; Death of EU 1/4 Cleaning up dad's office , found a little black book - a diary from 1944. Typical entry- today right old muddle.: a twitter style profile a man -flown out never to return, this was WW2 RAF Myanmar
  4. how to co-create 3 billion jobs for youth by 2025
  5. nobody wants your big gets bigger EU : look at how you and subprime banking have destroyed ordinary french and british families - devaluing youth destroying "periphery" nations
  6. Is this scariest utility in USA or a region where some places never should have been built on - whats awol story of state or other regulators- how can other places learn from such lack of infrastructure & safety

  7. congrats from why few green super heroes greeted joy www- terribly wrong macroecon metrics- dont count parenting nor green, nor loveq/joy rising communities- -let's charter one way spacex macroecon to moon

  8. congrats from and - we the peoples girls and boys need maps of world linked in by every small business and coastal belt and continental grids and and students and teachers servings the 17 sdgs