Monday, June 26, 2017

can macron really mediate ukraine's poroshenko and russia's putin

Ukraine's Poroshenko To Meet Macron In Paris - Radio Free Europe
3 hours ago - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is due to meet his French counterpart, EmmanuelMacron, in Paris on June 26. During his working visit, ...

Poroshenko arrives at Elysee Palace to meet with Macron - 26.06 ...
5 mins ago - 26.06.2017 12:43. President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has arrived at the Elysee Palace to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Petro Poroshenko congratulated Emmanuel Macron on having been ...
May 7, 2017 - President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko sent a written message to Emmanuel Macron and congratulated him on having been elected President ...

Poroshenko, Macron Urge More 'Normandy Four' Efforts on Ukrainian ...
May 24, 2017 - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday called for more active work in the Normandy ...

Monday, March 6, 2017

yes josep wonderful to meet you (fun to find bracelona's museum in madrid and the arts cafe wow -loved that space-  and what joy to meet to many fellow mathematicians and pro-youth educators

1 kiehl and jose friends in new york love wolfram - i note there may be a connection Google

2 i would like to come back to madrid or barcelona again later in the year if i can be of any value connecting wonderful people i met; in madrid henry and i postgraduated from department of maths cambridge 1973; in barcelona when i used to volunteer for editing european union knowledgeboard it seemed about the most innovative city in europe and second only to rome in celebrating cross-cultural diversity

2a i dont really understand how we (maths people, latin family loving cultures) let europe be taken over by such jobless administrators; nazrul and i were at queen sofia's microcreditsummit inquest on that at valladolid a few years ago but i still didnt really understand how spain let banking do so much bad to its families and youth  indian friends are developing the best k-12 curricula on bad banks and jobless leadership

 - its therefore ironical that bank santander is now connecting education around the world but lets not look a gifthorse in the mouth if we can find out how to feed it so as to value growing youth 

3 qin is a brilliant tech translator based in beijing- she helped me understand what wise and 1000 chinese educators discussed with WISE @ Beijing on 5 november; at the moment if you know of english speaking 12th grade through undergraduate universities who want to join 1000 others on a 3 month visit to china i recommend connecting with daniel who has a college in sw china doing that 3 times a year; billy knows mlore ablout nurturing youth friendships out of silicon valley than anyone i expect to meet

clara is connecting extraordinary student exchanges out of morocco     - about 4 years ago i was adopted by these chinese student called amy who said that language exchanges were the most valuable networks anyone could help youth open space; usually anyone who meets amy is converted to her form of education entrepreneurship

if barcelona could be europes open society epicentre of intelligent textiles please chat to amy's friends lee and miko and jose and fablab connectors; if barcelona or madrid is into blockchains designed around small enterprises please talk to jayfus or king -they are connected with an epicentre for future of black america coders in baltimore blessed personally by pope francis;  maurice is international youth coordinator for events linked into vatican university   

ab and fady are up at mit and can usually add in more coding wizards - as yet i have failed to take a tour over to where mit and tsunghua co-create my biggest goal of 2017

turning to 2018: i need to believe that somehow anything worth linkin will be celebrated around the g20 networks of argentina 2018 - that deadline isnt far away unless we already have good contacts with all the g20 homework networks

marta is doing wonderful experiments out of american school in barcelona; gordon's been doing wonderful experiments out of international schools for over 30 years 10 million chinese families also loved his book on future of education; leonora helps connect varkey's million dollar teacher award and is revolutionising ghana with satellite elearning

apologies for being so poor at introducing people - please improve whatever greatest co-creativity link i missed 

The 2017 Global WISE Summit Theme Announced "Co-Exist - Co-C
DOHA, Qatar, February 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- ... The 2017 WISE theme -- "Co-Exist - Co-Create: Learning to Live and Work Together"-reflects WISE's ... WISE is an international, multi-sectoral platform for creative, evidence-based thinking, ...

all best chris

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Monday, January 16, 2017

In 2017 Europe only sports one of top 10 world record job creators - george soros. A few notes:
its a right old muddle when pope francis and donald trump agree on something but the german control of the EU has become the most anti-youth livelihoods system ever designed unless you live in germanys banking for the rich zone- the Euro was always the currency st=ystem designed for ever richer germans to rob from livelihoods of the poorest euroepan countries; the border mess is amazing given that all the risks to a union always emerge at its borders- note how little generany did to defend ukraine due to being too dependent on russian energy - note how the southern coutries ebar the brunt of immigration crises

Of course Pope Francis could be celebrated in the top 10 but job creation is the core human technology which we wish to see unite peoples of all goodwill faiths

In a world where there is so much more value in the elarning econo[my of growing epopel than gte extraction one of consuming things its amzing that the most colabirative language english isnt natioanlly evident in world record job creators. Then agian though he has ;lived at MIT in Boston for amy yeras now britiain can reclaim berners lee as its son and in that case Europe gets 2 out of 10 in 2017 league of WRJC 

Monday, October 10, 2016


related references ???
britain has great opportunities to connect china
 home of english language Jack Ma W1
 home of royal societies of sustainability
 home of world service media latest sighting jack ma W 4
conversation with grouppartners
yes in beijing there is a very big chinese conscious capitalism battle over future of positive mass media- if you ever come to beijing let me show you ali baba's advertising park about 10 minutes walk from the states 2 big briadcasting companies- 

behind the scenes one has to assume jinping chats with ma as to how not to do with mass media and twiter what led to usa demoicracy's ending in trump versus clinton - ma wants to do to forrest gump what stallone dod to rocky- how the world's future history changed because chiense people accidentally popeed up in open spaces timed at magic tipping points

lets hope nbc and mark business does a better job with schwarznegger's apprentice starting january ;; 

and of course ali baba owns china's you tube -  youkou tudou

in baltimore dc region leonsis and 1776 hub would be critical to how positive media space linkin


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

michael thanks for reaching out to my friends and I

i noticed one of your videos mentioned trying to create 1 million jobs in somalia- that alone stimulates me to buy a copy of your book

actually you may have gathered my media friends and I collaborate with young people in many countries around a simple survey 
who do you search as the top 10 job creators connected with sustainability goals livelihoods?
i am sure our young people would love to hear your view -collaboration surveys never have a single perfect answer instead we keep on action learning 

people like jack ma and sir fazle abed head our current rankings -and for that reason we invest in youth intelligence/ hubs/leaders qyests in china and bangladesh - perhaps the 2 most opposite success stories of  end poverty 2000-15 but where we find jobs leaders want to learn from each other especially where they share common need for wizard coders

i would love to share diaries in case there is a chance either for us to meet or you to meet some youth
basically i am dc-based - will always travel to new york or boston - and probably any us city if someone like you is flying through

i get to china or bangladesh or both about once every 6 weeks

happy to travel to europe to my home space but need some help in understanding what collaboration focus can be achieved- for 3 years i helped volunteer edit the european union knowkledgeboard on csr , intangibles valuation and ngo issues but was then thrown out for demanding youth ask questions at various parts of the EU that seemed to me around 2004 to be part of the problem not the solution

i feel the next 10 years are when sustainability will be won or lost by the 3 generations including under 30s alive today- so if there are urgent ways to help youth collaborate and change education in this regard i try my hardest as do all my most linkedin friends

probably the biggest event in a long while from my view is un education summit on september 18- please tell me if vou or any associates are there  

since chinese  yuxuan and amy,  bangladeshi mostofa and canadian-african-new yorker stephanie are the 4 youth who connect the most around the job creating sustainable world we hope to see i have copied them in case they have any more practical queries than I have

cheers chris macrae  240 316 8157

From: Michael Hopkins 
Sent: Wednesday, 17 August 2016, 11:51
Subject: Sustainability/CSR Videos

Dear Chris Macrae
For the European summer months I thought you may like to look at some videos on a number of topics that kept me in front of the camera the past 12 months - do check out 
Happily, my Sustainability/CSR Online course goes from strength to strength and my CSR/Sustainability Text Book is in high demand:
CSR and Sustainability `
On a flight back to North America from Ghana (August 2016) and had a chance to take a quick look at your book. Impressive.  Seems well organized.  Good content and rationale support.  Covers a range of areas. What I’ve read is a practical and pragmatic blend of theory, practice and research. I look at a lot of CSR books.  Few of them are ones that I would really recommend.  Yours is different.  Congratulations. Wayne Dunn, President & Founder, CSR Training Institute Professor of Practice in Corporate Social Responsibility, McGill University / ISID


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Against the general picture of massive destruction of youth's jobs and loss of hope in goodwill economies around the world including recent folies like british exit from europe and the bipolar choice of next us presidents, and ever crazier problems to europe's south and east whose risks brissels have been totally blind to ober last 30 years ... 

youth i am connected with in china, rome, dubai, and bangladesh have made some progress ready to combat of global youth tipping points - and I have made my first two visits to china
we also are blessed by friends in new york as an epicentre of debating whether any of the UN goals can be taken back by youth to work on (and a parallel cluster emrging around city of london) - linked to the approxuiamtely 3 billion jobs of the net generatuion my father first mapped in The Economist from 1972 -
 approximately 1 bilion renew planet,
 1 billion renew every community and sustain bordeless peace and wellbeing through open elarning and microframchising of community empower social services, 
1 billion jobs where coders co-ctreate way above zero-sum infratrsuctiures by valuing how  mobile apps/networks of knowhow can multiply value in use unlike consuming up things
ever crazier problems to europe's sout
in beijing last week we met professor lowrey - a superstar of explaining how Jack Ma and ali baba is regenerating small business everywhere in china and especially in villages -its platform offers a ;post-indsutrial economy to plug and play everywhere thet Small Enterprises have previously been scarificed by politicians of big gets bigger and short-term greed takes over from any trustworthy forms of inetrgenerational investment; a week earlier we were being briefed in bangaldesh by Sir Fazle Abed on what he needs to know about ali baba to take the world's largest end poverty NGO BRAC to the next stage (over the last 4 years BRAC itself entered as a world elader of the digital economy by buildig the develoing world's largest cashless bank with support of MIT and other technolgy wizards; on september 18 at start of un week the education commission on the future of education will leapfrog beyond other UN summits opening ist year 2016-2017

so my forst question is do you knoiw anyone at Rome's annual Villa series where she conytrobuted in 2014 -whats particularlu ingteresting is as well as directly running youth programs to understand Jack Ma -see her coordination of she is mentored by columbia university nobel economics winner ;professor phelps who seems toi have branded the term "mass flourishing" to connect with the system designs you and me tried to search across euroepan union and knowledge management networks in early 2000s but were largely told off by brussels and luxembourg wherever we connected 

XXVI Villa Mondragone International Economic Seminar Tor Vergata Economics Foundation - FUET University of Rome Tor Vergata 1-3 July 2014 “Anaemic Europe : How to Achieve Dynamism and Mass Flourishing"
14:15-15:30 Social Justice, Employment and Mass Flourishing Sala degli Svizzeri Chairman: Paolo REBOANI, Italia Lavoro Speakers: Patrizio BIANCHI , Emilia-Romagna Region and Ferrara University and Laura RAMACIOTTI, Ferrara University , “Good Economy in action. Reflections on the earthquake in Emilia: schools, institutions and communities” Ying LOWREY, University of Tsinghua "Growing-By-Unleashing Grassroots Entrepreneurship: How Alibaba Creates Jobs and the E-Commerce Ecosystem" Juan SOLA, Buenos Aires University, Innovation and Mass flourishing: The Latin American Experience Frederick GANNON and Vincent TOUZE, U. Le Havre & EDEHN; Sciences Po - OFCE, Paris, "Pension rules and implicit marginal tax rate in France"

My treciolection is those days os taht you did have som china connectiosn poarticula on sustainability assets such as water.
Wityh maurice in Rome and Yuxuan and Amy in China connecting {Professor Lowrey now would be a great time to reconnect any economists of friendsd who argue that the net generation jobs are absolutely critical to where the human race will be led over the last 15v yeras that tregaining sustainabiloity is possible

any other questions we could be asking ecah other and linking in the world's most energetic youth around? (eg QuiarterBilionGorks movement founded in Changsha last week to poomote livelihoods of the quarter os billion chiense girls under 30 - the most critical segment of the next decade according to father's curriculum of how to prevent losing himanity to Big Brother's systemic endgame

all the best chris macrae washington dc 240 316 8157
i would happily come over to rome or other places in italy if we can linkin those who want to dismantle top-down brussels while there is anything peaceful left for youth to work on