Fascinating to track with hudson institute how many european countries have given up with the official advice of mr trump on building g5 and are letting carriers just do it with whomever offers the best deal washington dc technology's biggest leap -breaking 14 nov - many nations and continents are racing into 2020s with probably the biggest innovation crisis ever du8e to greed of governments spectrum auctions at $G #G- failure to let the peoples use 5g video would 5G exist without china -discussion welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

my rough recollection, apart from being in same class year as my sister in cambridge, mark has worked near top of london royal society for 30 years as well as caring about corporate governance legislation-a problem london has always wrestled with since east india corporation invented slavery -of course being diaspora scot i still dont think londoners really value adam smith moral sentiments world trade the way he mapped- lets settle that at cop26 glasgow nov once we know whether dark clouds hanging over washington dc have evaporated- like many club networks people may not agree but i see royal society as only place london great and good discuss the future openly with peoples including students across all colleges- it certainly has interesting evening talk series published Events | Royal Society

is that part of your secret mark? by the way mark did you ever connect sarah butler sloss - daughter of lord sainsbury -the only family on the economist board who fully understood the first 150 years of research at the economist - host of prince charles microsolar laureates/-also i went to school with david attenborough's son- know who in bbc studios responsible for marketing sdg impacts of attenboroughs 60 years of nature broadcasting- davids brother richard now parted directed movie gandhi and used to help coordinate londons oldest gandhi society which is rooted in gandhis last roundtable in london at quakers friends house - the only affordable meeting hall capable of hosting 1000 plus people open spaces- my neighbor harrison in maryland is origin of 1000 people hackathons in days when people's human networking not mobile texts had to do the linkingin

economistyouth.com - of all the under the radar movements the new global university of sdgs interests me- it has least 4 visible epicentres orbiting each other  looking for next epicentre to multiply sdg generation with

in vienna
in new york state
out of south asia around the 50 years of work of http://www.fazleabed.com  
out of arizona craig barrrett of intel's former ceo's retirement project

my understanding is next big review of that in vienna early april but i only have pieces of info-does anyone know who runs duke of edinburgh award scheme- i did some pro bono work for their windsor branch around 1995 but expect 25 years ago contacts long gone-the good thing is since prince charles attended tokyo olympics in 1964 both heads of empire i have seen their responsibilities to the two thirds of humans ie asians the same way even if politicians havent

its a pity gandhi and montessori didnt flourish through 1950s india bottom up- grandad sir kenneth kemp was mumbai's other bar of london barrister between 1925-47 - sir kens last job to write up legalese adopted by london for india's independence - what a messy communications world 1947 was - wish it was less messy in dc and brexited london and virused asia today-

 but apparently not??
best chris +1 240 316 8157

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

the immoral mr barnier - and other misleading cases of supreme bureaucracy

i love adam smith as a source of oxford union debate - eg this story of why slavery was hard for the barnier kind of  bureaucrat to end -related references
81ways.com 1461.world valuetrue.com economistrefugee.com

of course i cant parse this argument without positioning in withing the overacrhing framework of moral sentiments

so what has the likes of mr barnier got to do with it
around 2102 i flew into convergeces paris - a summit where community banking was uspposed to debate barnier on austerity- instead of being a real keynote speaker hundreds of delegates ad the right to expect he ead out a 5 mo=inute speech- said sorry i must fly back to bruseels now

that this person is still in the middle of ediating trad ebtween eg britain and eu must be causing jean monet to role in his grave as well as my afther nprman macrae the only jouranlist atmessina and the supporter of the 2 original ideas- mix up iron and settl ,arest fo fvrance and germany so much that never go to war again- free sall entreprsiues to entreprenurially trade across european borders valuing the frenc orign of the e-word which i dare Say had sought adam smiths principles for designig how healrhy societies generate syriong economies across generatins not vice versa

mr banier is of course a victim of the false austerity models usd by the eu whose top preferred to slave -actually destroy sustainability of youth - than to admit to elders that diue to subprime their pensions were worthless in 2008 unless they robbed youth - if you wanty a judge of that read pope paul's testimony to starsbourg of a union whose supre,be beings have designed  system that priortises the needs of haggard infertile grandmothers -

alas - istead f 2020 bein the year we do marvellous things with 5g as we humanise robits- the barniers of this world will take up all of media time and pied piper this subcontient if not the while world into orbots outh of which great will never see the chnace to have happy children

Persistent Inefficiency: Adam Smith’s Theory of Slavery and Its Abolition in Western Europe

31 Pages Posted: 27 Jul 2015 Last revised: 9 Dec 2016

Barry R. Weingast

Stanford University, Department of Political Science
Date Written: December 8, 2016


Adam Smith made two positive claims about slavery in the context of developing economies. First, Smith argued that slavery was in general highly inefficient. By his account, the net product under freedom is 12 times larger than under slavery. Second, he observes that, despite its inefficiencies, slavery persists in most of the world. Taken together, these claims create a fundamental puzzle: Why do elites – owning slaves and holding political control – fail to make themselves better off by freeing their slaves?
Smith gives two very different answers to this puzzle. The first is psychological. Smith asserts that people have a fundamental desire to dominate others, and slavery provided that opportunity for slaveholding elites. The first explanation is the most commonly advanced in the literature. Yet no where else does Smith use the assumption of domination. This explanation therefore seems ad hoc.
I favor instead Smith’s second explanation, which fits well with the recent literature on the political-economics of development. This argument, far less known in the Smith literature, involves commitment problems. Freeing the slaves would deprive slaveholders of their property. How would they be compensated? In principle, a long-term compensation scheme could solve this problem. But in the undeveloped societies Smith discusses, such as feudal Europe, long-term contracts were difficult – perhaps impossible – to enforce. Indeed, I show that both parties to the long-term compensation scheme had incentives to dishonor it. In the presence of commitment problems, masters could not be assured they would, in fact, be better off freeing their slaves. Slaveholders therefore rationally avoided emancipation despite its inefficiency. Smith, the so-called father of economics, provides here a political and legal argument for the failure of a more efficient system of labor markets to emerge

Saturday, January 25, 2020

i am in new york for 48 hours to linkin any connections newly free by soros' world economic forum this week-would love to meet if you have time

soros grants billion dollars to OSUN microuniversity of sdgs to be led by his own central uni bard brac of sir fazle abed and asian part of american uni

lynne we met briefly at valladolid microcreditsummit - you me ingrid munro- i realise pro mujer as origin of real latin american microcredit- i dont know best way to contact ingrid at moment - if you have a way please relay- also very interested in knowledge of Global Alliance – For Banking on Values ~ Independent banks delivering sustainable development for unserved people - is there a

 new york hub of that

about 2 years earlier i attended the un and latin american womens celebration of nurjahan begum sherpa's by nazrul

which coincided with sam and queen sofia and ingrid announcing valladolid and expressing the j hope that jamii bora would be tested across south american slum cities - 
    nazrul had moved from grameen bank to help spanish -about 6 years earlier when i moderated smart cities debates for the european union barcelona was top of the league but hated by brussels for being so- no wonder the paper currencies of $ pound and euro have less life in them than monty pythons dead parrot

camilo runs as far as i know the only wall street fund for ending poverty in latin america as well as being engineering professor at columbia U -if there are others please share

i had been helping glasgow adam smith scholars with journal of social business- we aim to reconvene a fringe festival at cop26 glasgow after next us president is a given
yunus had appointed zasheem to coordinate both the journal and the world freest nursing college but then people like hans took over and yunus lost his bank and trump replaced clinton/obama era of american values - last week i attended serious debates in dc arguing justice and morals mean different things in american english- well i ny know adam smith english so i recuse myself of whatever 21st C american values are becoming

my family also tried to help black universities converge on atlanta (an idea first liked in by atlantas great and good round 80th anniversary of luther king birth and as part of un foundation billion dollars partnership launch by cnn turner family) but that too got lost in all the pr yunus does or some black mayors do

george soros has just announced a billion dollar schila partnership around 4 universities two of which i know well

i know brac university- when my father died japan embassy in dhaka hosted 2 roundtables on bracs futures the university and ww.bkash.com - japan invited everyone concerned with how ngos were being attacked at that time and subject to hostile takeovers ie grameen bank

i know soros central european uni as in part this began from brainstorming of my father and sorios in london and father contributed the biography of budapest most value son john von neumann

i dont know bard the nyu state university soros has appointed as his main home for sdg scholars in usa not the american university branch in central asia though i do have contacts at american university in tenleytown - the nearest uni to where i live

sorus networks on twitter appear at my daughters future account OSUN 1 2 3
we are looking for artistic superstars who want to support bottom up solutions at
broadway whatsapp +1 240 316 8157 also my dc text no
thanks chris macrae norman macrae foundation

Thursday, January 23, 2020

with the exception of david attenborough the last time i wholly believed bbc (and english language broadcasters) had global education value was while monty python was free to mess with the news of anyone too big for their boots (well david first may have been around too)  www.futureofbbc.com

bye bye terry jones - may the holy grail be with you...

one of the original six members of Monty Python. Once the group disbanded, inspired by his work on the Holy Grail, Jones went on to become a respected medievalist. Our obituary has his full and wonderful story.

i am told americans have a similar love for jim lehrer whose death was also announced today- oh well media is a terrifying problem to anyone who cares about sustaining our species -anyone ideas on what to do - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

Wednesday, January 22, 2020