1955 report what was Messina (birthing EU) for? 1945 report what was british language world service fo?; 2022-1945 what was UN & ITU for; dad. The economist's norman macrae, spent his last days as teen navigating air planes bomber command burma; he tried his best at reparation ever since- wind assisted, so to speak, by the most valuable question media men were ever given - von neumann 1951 asked dad: to ask anyone/everyone what goods will peoples do with 100 times more uniting tech every decade to 2020s? In 1951, VN had 6 years left working on good (ie way above zero sum human development exchages) after the Goats of maths (including einstein turing ..) had spent moist of their life on the bad on nuclear arms racing. They had a reason to defeat hitler. I am no genius (just a listener who ,oves transparent maps/maths) ---but can anyone tell me why are we currently using nuclear races to defaeal all 8 billion of our beings. MUCH MORE IMPORTANT FROM 9/9/2022: if you have time to add positive thinking to our survey QueenofHearts.city - please do

Monday, March 6, 2017

yes josep wonderful to meet you (fun to find bracelona's museum in madrid and the arts cafe wow -loved that space-  and what joy to meet to many fellow mathematicians and pro-youth educators

1 kiehl and jose friends in new york love wolfram - i note there may be a connection Google  https://www.google.com/search?num=40&q=sierpinski+wolfram

2 i would like to come back to madrid or barcelona again later in the year if i can be of any value connecting wonderful people i met; in madrid henry and i postgraduated from department of maths cambridge 1973; in barcelona when i used to volunteer for editing european union knowledgeboard it seemed about the most innovative city in europe and second only to rome in celebrating cross-cultural diversity

2a i dont really understand how we (maths people, latin family loving cultures) let europe be taken over by such jobless administrators; nazrul and i were at queen sofia's microcreditsummit inquest on that at valladolid a few years ago but i still didnt really understand how spain let banking do so much bad to its families and youth
http://iasbaba.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Jobless-Growth-IASbaba.jpg  indian friends are developing the best k-12 curricula on bad banks and jobless leadership

 - its therefore ironical that bank santander is now connecting education around the world but lets not look a gifthorse in the mouth if we can find out how to feed it so as to value growing youth 

3 qin is a brilliant tech translator based in beijing- she helped me understand what wise and 1000 chinese educators discussed with WISE @ Beijing on 5 november; at the moment if you know of english speaking 12th grade through undergraduate universities who want to join 1000 others on a 3 month visit to china i recommend connecting with daniel who has a college in sw china doing that 3 times a year; billy knows mlore ablout nurturing youth friendships out of silicon valley than anyone i expect to meet

clara is connecting extraordinary student exchanges out of morocco www.uir.ac.ma     - about 4 years ago i was adopted by these chinese student called amy who said that language exchanges were the most valuable networks anyone could help youth open space; usually anyone who meets amy is converted to her form of education entrepreneurship

if barcelona could be europes open society epicentre of intelligent textiles please chat to amy's friends lee and miko and jose and fablab connectors; if barcelona or madrid is into blockchains designed around small enterprises please talk to jayfus or king -they are connected with an epicentre for future of black america coders in baltimore blessed personally by pope francis;  maurice is international youth coordinator for events linked into vatican university www.premiosciacca.it   

ab and fady are up at mit and can usually add in more coding wizards - as yet i have failed to take a tour over to where mit and tsunghua co-create my biggest goal of 2017

turning to 2018: i need to believe that somehow anything worth linkin will be celebrated around the g20 networks of argentina 2018 - that deadline isnt far away unless we already have good contacts with all the g20 homework networks

marta is doing wonderful experiments out of american school in barcelona; gordon's been doing wonderful experiments out of international schools for over 30 years  www.thelearningweb.net 10 million chinese families also loved his book on future of education; leonora helps connect varkey's million dollar teacher award and is revolutionising ghana with satellite elearning

apologies for being so poor at introducing people - please improve whatever greatest co-creativity link i missed 

The 2017 Global WISE Summit Theme Announced "Co-Exist - Co-C

DOHA, Qatar, February 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- ... The 2017 WISE theme -- "Co-Exist - Co-Create: Learning to Live and Work Together"-reflects WISE's ... WISE is an international, multi-sectoral platform for creative, evidence-based thinking, ...

all best chris

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