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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

to jonathan (founder of hubs)

 one or more of amy, maurice and I have been open spacing this meta-sustainability goal future city by city ever since harriosn owen of open space and various media owners and their powerful investors asked us to try

we are already well advanced in :
nairobi and arguably addis abba
san diego where the leading community sustainability organisation wants amy to do a big open space once the new hub is ready for such
baltimore and relevant parts of dc to baltimore

as i think you know i failed miserably prior to 2014 in glasgow and atlanta and dhaka- normally i dont mediate the same mistake 3 times though maybe old age is seeping in

some parts of south america which will be mapped on march 10 at our 500 people summit MOU with CUNY cokleges of New York and various investors in new york future as a city worldwide youth help sustain

between feb 28 and march 11 we will focus all our partnerships -and specification of youth action networking projects - on new york

this isnt about old people like me but the ways people like amy and maurice connect- unfortunately with maurice mainly in rome and amy commuting between china (eg most of february) and usa arranging times to meet can be tricky

I do urge you to meet amy and maurice- or whats app or something; after open spacing boston we have been asked by don beck of spiral dynamics how we can massive scale youths practice of his lifelong reconciliation work alongside harrison owens - harrisons is effectively the main modality used at and hackathon or bootcamp even if his origins are more human than tech

jonathan i dont know if you recall 2004 colin morley and be the change- at the tome i invited hundreds of my trusted netwrkers (from all over europe as i had been charged by the eu to moderate trust across the 20 cointry knowledgeboard) to join the be the change summit movement as colin was leading its open space capabilities across europe

- then colin was killed in 7/7 and in my mind the least collaborative of don becks trainers took over- don when you spend 3 days in his company is a very different source than whatever happened in his and gandhis name out of london 2005- be the change also upset me as they had no authentic knowledge of gandhi whereas my grandfather had mediated with him over 25 years and to this day kemps corner in mumbai is named after my family tree; india and bangladesh connections remain huge inspirations to many of the youth i comnect with but we want open curricula like a khan acdaemy of how the world poorest women build bangladesh not to be green washed by expensive agents of yunus all over the world

since open space boston we also linkin with wolfram the main network for supercomputing to enhance human skills instead of the opposite artificial intelligence replacing human workers

of course if you or someone who woks most closely with you is in new york between march 1 and 12 we would love to share our platforms to the extent any collaborations can be aligned to sustainability as youths most exciting decade

chris macrae dc 240 316 8157