1. WHAT DO SCHOOLS TEACH, WHAT COULD THEY TEACH If NW media wasnt fake, parents, kids free to search. Dad's last project 2007-19 mainly girl grads to Britain Bangladesh China BBC2.1.see wise@paris EU youth-dead
  2. 2/4 Death of EU or species? Keynes general theory: fake media & macroeconomists = greatest danger to youth unless hippocratic oath : exponential futurise 2 goals - end poverty, improve girls livelihood ops & apps @ every community.
  3. Right Old Muddle; Death of EU 1/4 Cleaning up dad's office , found a little black book - a diary from 1944. Typical entry- today right old muddle.: a twitter style profile a man -flown out never to return, this was WW2 RAF Myanmar
  4. how to co-create 3 billion jobs for youth by 2025
  5. nobody wants your big gets bigger EU : look at how you and subprime banking have destroyed ordinary french and british families - devaluing youth destroying "periphery" nations
  6. Is this scariest utility in USA or a region where some places never should have been built on - whats awol story of state or other regulators- how can other places learn from such lack of infrastructure & safety

  7. congrats from why few green super heroes greeted joy www- terribly wrong macroecon metrics- dont count parenting nor green, nor loveq/joy rising communities- -let's charter one way spacex macroecon to moon

  8. congrats from and - we the peoples girls and boys need maps of world linked in by every small business and coastal belt and continental grids and and students and teachers servings the 17 sdgs