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2020q1 when vaccine is born how can it be marketed so 7.5 billion
2020q2 from how can students and teachers help celebrate advancing sdgs on 75th year of UN

The Economist's entrepreneurial revolutions 49th annual league table of places sees barcelona and vienna playing most critical roles as tipping points of sdgs collapse unless we get back to understanding 90% of innovations advancing human lot start small deep and long in communi8ty or family lab not 90 day extraction mba thrones. Hong MOng takes over as startup epicentral in spite of western fake media to contrary
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worldclassbrands -what if purpose of brand leaders will exponentially determine success or failure of our final 40 year examination in species sustainability -launched in 1988 with a series in the economist - year of brand, death of brand manager- what needed to die as the world united around death of distance technolgues was the advertising paradim of battling for minds with a different brand for every new product and in every different language- what would be the mos importnant new geres of brands? places? faiths? big data local platforms - how would adam smith and james watt quarter of a century 1760-2010 morph into humanising moore machine intel than human as we entered 4G and 5G decades: back in 1960s alumni of moore had promised 100 times more computation power every decade 0g 1970s onwards - thats an exponential of trillion times moore by end of 2030 than needed to code moon landing- such power depended on trust in collaboration around globalistion's most purposeful brand leaders as well as integration of community sized enterprise value chains if sustainabity golals were to be a united reality not just a greenwashing game

universityofstars -what if world class sporting leagues prepped uber champoins- once you're too old to stay top of the pops in sports song or beauty, what if you already know an sdg leader you want to share your and her alumni with
-launched 2004 in delhi with 100- gandhians after seeing some early reality tv competitions as well as writing up 184's story of the critical deadlines of morphing digital and pre-digital media to be the sustainably deepest of both not the socially most trivial -more

Fascinating to track with hudson institute how many european countries have given up with the official advice of mr trump on building g5 and are letting carriers just do it with whomever offers the best deal washington dc technology's biggest leap -breaking 14 nov - many nations and continents are racing into 2020s with probably the biggest innovation crisis ever du8e to greed of governments spectrum auctions at $G #G- failure to let the peoples use 5g video would 5G exist without china -discussion welcome

Thursday, March 10, 2016

I realise this may sound wacky but its pivotal to all my fathers work and currency work he used to collaborate with round george soros- in particular our 1984 book 2025 report on would the net intergenerations be sustainable and his last 2 videos -

1 cultures of youth and family hope of which the last one left in europe is led out of vatican- join us in a tour arranged by under 30s as soon as your diary permits

2 the bbc if led the revolution of good news media at the right time of the worldwide web taking over as more impactful than broadcast media -the idea had been a reality tv jobs entrepreneur and sustainability bottom up challenge the exact opposite of how mark burnett made trump the most famous unreality tv and 

i gather that dianne may have one windsor dialogue and manny one uk worldwide launch in april/may

in which case these diary jottings may be relevant
I did pro bono work for duke of edinburgh's organisation including a thank you from buckingham palace

currently the one big owner of economist shares i trust lord sainsburys daughter also works with prince charles on the most relevant microsolar prize network Ashden Awards, sustainable and renewable energy in the UK and developing world and occasionally attends naila's fashion4development at the same time as sherry tross

at ashden mostofa and I met paul rose the only bbc correspondent prepared to fully take on climate issues- something david attenborough sadly failed to do even though his son was in junior school with me-somewhere in washington dc pauls friend is the grandson of jacques cousteau consults on green

also one time head of the royal geographcal society is mostofa's friend micheal palin one time co-director of monty python but these days the bbc's on;y cross-cultural reporter who dares report with all 7 colors of beck

the bbc is almost as big a disaster as the most commercial of us tv for 3 reasons; its reporters are told never to report good businesses in case they are giving free publicity to something not worth it

its nightly news economic correspondents are as illiterate as usa's

though owned by the public it is censored by government infamously by tony blair who preferred to go to bed with bush over iraq war than let the bbc report there were no violations of germ warfare or atomic in iraq

the only 2 business the bbc has ever been allowed to promote are celebrity chefs and how the choir can change hope in the most underfunded of schools and depressed communities

sadly the one political leader who could have helped chris patten had a heart attach after ending governosrship of hong kong and while being responsible for the bbc- he has been writing recently about rotten universities but I dont really now how to contact him

anyhow london as a supercity is the best way european conscious youth have to tear apart the disastrous macroeconomic economic union and a tour of amys friends at the vatican is the best way to understand what half a billion latino youth are up for if they can also linkin with the majority of the world's under 30s who live within 3000 miles of beijing

chris   text 240 5316 8157

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