Monday, August 20, 2018

marta how are you all in barcelona - i have cc'd some people i have known for  a long time who are in barcelona as well as henry - we both earned ma in statistics in 1973 at cambrdge- we used to get frequently run over by steven hawkins who shared the same lab- in those days  maths people were given little more than a bicycle shed to work in but at least college was almost free- henry moved to madrid to start a family -the wise at madrid 2017 was the first time i got to visit him there- back in 2002 i was volunteer eu researcher on knowledge city collaboration- barcelona was celebrated as top- i want to rectify the way eu hq has turned against barcelona as well as most youth entrepreneur cities across europe- fortunately chinese friends are very happy to connect education at city by city levels - so we hope to arrange twin sister education cities very faster from october onwards if we can only make sure we have connected educators who want this both at high school and college level

- the new head of unhabitat wants supercities to send in their cases by march 2019 for a report she will publish to start 2020- this is just one of about 5 un subnetworks that guterres has started and all of which he refers to jack ma as his UN youth livelihoods ambassador- as i think you know jack ma will connect pro-youth cities at new level of artistic and education smarts from tokyo olympics onwards, and hopefully he will demand that cities in his club unlock their part of the 300 trillion dollars of most liquid finance currently banned from investing in SDGs

(also barcelona and the club of rome both its green and its peace networks used to work very closely with each other- if you know who is actively connecting that please tell me- i do know the person who runs but he is very hi level at vatican and i need to work out who he needs as one best contact)

do you or someone else in barcelona feel you are still multiplying wise connections- mostofa can introduce you to dr islam who is sir fazle abed's nominated connector as first wise laureate- there will be a complete rethink of how brac helps with the future  of education summit for a week sept 30 to oct 6 now we can get the advice of jack ma's main academic ying lowrey who is visiting brac for a week as she wants to understand everything brac connects as worlds largest ngo partnership as well as jack ma's new south asia partner as well as original wise laureate and in my opinion still the number 1 network of women empowerment impacts on deep sustainability goals

javeed we have a heck of a lot connecting in next 5 weeks; i dont understand will you be in usa again before the event in dhaka and are you coming to brac and ying lowrey- and who if anyone in usa do you feel we can keep connecting -it keeps on coming back to wise summit and gordon brown education commission at=re not openly connecting the people at the un that guterres is now getting to help youth livelihoods - i assume you are uptodate; i put most of the relevant un contacts at my blog among other spaces


as i think you know rebecca at brookings actually coordinates all of gordon browns education commission and 30 national leaders work because she placed one of her graduates to be his operations director - and i know islam mentioned he had found that she doenst fully understand brac

if he could introduce me and i can take to her some notes which you two can make on linking future of education summits- as well as see if she will contact dr islam directly with gordon brown who is technically still the un's special envoy on education (i dont understand qatar- its the un academic hub fir refugee learning, but it comes to new york and doesnt connect any of the un's elading education or erfugee people - not that i recognise anyhow)

where i live rebecca has this dc event below in brookings in 10 days - islam could choose to say it looks very interesting if he things so- if he doesnt want to introduce me to rebecca but does want to start chatting with her that would be good; equally can you find out does he expect to say anything to anyone at wise new york before ying event- as you know one week before she comes to dhaka there is new york wise- as yet they havent let any delegate start to see other delegates though that is promised any day mow

all the best chris macrae whatsapp i 240 316 8157
Brookings Event Invitation

Why doctors and mayors will be the next playful learning advocates: New evidence on supporting children’s education and development

Wednesday, September 5, 2018, 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
The Brookings Institution, Falk Auditorium, 1775 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20036
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Schools are essential in supporting children’s learning but given that young people spend 80 percent of their waking hours outside the school walls, everyone has a role to play. New evidence in child development and the learning sciences shows that engaging children in playful learning experiences—which anyone from parents to peers can do—is a crucial ingredient for helping children fulfill their potential. Diversifying the people and places where children can engage in meaningful, social, and ultimately playful learning experiences has been identified as a key to leapfrogging progress in children’s learning, especially for the most marginalized.

On September 5, the Center for Universal Education at Brookings will host an event to examine the power of playful learning and what those outside of the school system—from doctors to mayors to librarians—can do about it. Ultimately, playful learning is crucial for developing a suite of 21st century skills such as social-emotional and executive function, as well as cognition and language development—all skills needed by adults in an economically competitive world. After the session, panelists will take audience questions

Join the conversation on Twitter at #PlayfulLearning.
Welcome and moderator
Rebecca Winthrop, Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Universal Education, The Brookings Institution | @rebeccawinthrop
Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Senior Fellow, Center for Universal Education, The Brookings Institution; Stanley and Debra Lefkowitz Faculty Fellow, Department of Psychology, Temple University | @kathyandro1Michael Yogman, Chief, Division of Ambulatory Pediatrics, Mt. Auburn Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Katharine Stevens, Resident Scholar, Education Policy Studies, AEI | @kbstevensRosemarie Truglio, Senior Vice President, Curriculum and Content, Sesame Workshop

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