Monday, September 17, 2018

fashion estimated at 2.5 tn dollars market - that would make it 7th largest if it was nation- haute couture companies rushing to end policy of burning excess stock 

#br5- world not improved much since 1843 when english land owners corn laws preferred to burn food rather than trade below a ceiling price- even as irish potato famine caused starvation - a turning point for queen victoria's rational for empire but not one she managed to reverse in time to prevent impacts in form of 150 years of terror attacks between and england ,

back in 1860 she also failed to stop mercatile english captains making china the proposition it had to refuse (accepting opium as currency in exchange for china's valiud spices and silks) resulting in closure to trade of a fifth of world's people for over a century- wonderful to track the rise and rise of chian since the early 1970s

recommendation to millennials - friend chinese milennials -eg search ideas out at - they are the only gitrls and boys who can scale and link you in to just in time solutions to the 17 sustainabaility goals

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