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One of sustainability's biggest paradoxes is the cities of Europe that energise me as a tourist seem so civilised but history shows Europe hosted 2 world wars and Putins Euro of 2022 may be no safer than Stalin's or Hitler's 1920's E. At we wonder if you could time machine to one year in E-history what year would you choose and what report for humanity would you search for? WHAT GOOD CAN PEOPLES UNITE IF THEY HAVE FIRST ACCESS TO 100 TIMES MORE TECH PER DECADE? Back in 1951 my father found this biggest scoop of his life at It was given to him by Hungarian-American John Von Neumann at Princeton
2006: In dads last 2 years age 84 he hosted a 40 person debate at Royal Automobile Club, a few minutes walk from the Royal Palaces - if the greatest human development advance of his lifetime since meeting Von Neumann was networked by a 1billiongirls (Asian Village mothers 2020-1970) - did anyone in the west or at The UN really know how they did this? 16 journeys to Bangladesh by Graduate Journalists has chalked up 2 resources & where both women empowerment luminaries requested we open learning networkers interpret C for Cooperation (not C for Certification) . We enjoyed more than a little help from many people such as Japan's Ambassador. As Diarists out of St James and alumni of Brother James Wilson have recorded: The UK Royal family left most of the human development of two thirds of beings in Asia to Prince Charles. As a 16 year old he had been assigned the duty to attend the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. 3 happy-good natured seeds were planted from that day on - good relations between Japan Empire and some of Europe's Royals; Sony as Japan's first inward investment in Europe; the birth of whether worldwide sports celebrities are tele2's blessing or a curse as next generations greatest heroines (Tokyo was the first satellite broadcast to a global audience). What if it turns out that in the 21st C European royals value sustainability of millennials more than soundbitimg politicians or professional bureaucrats whose Intel rules have no mathematical or human transparency. This strangely unpopular question is the purpose of events diaries by and education's 3ed co-creative revolution - thanks Glasgow University Union for marking up one of 2023's main QOH events 265th Smithian Moral Sentiments . If you have an event for our diaries to cooperate around please mail me It may be that us far north diaspora scots are more interdependent on you all Europeans than anyone apart from whomever angry nature or angry purtins hurt next??. Sample some Future History Good/bad News Reports? ...1955 report what was Messina (birthing EU) for? 1945 report what was british language world service for?; 2022-1945 what was UN & ITU for; dad. The economist's norman macrae, spent his last days as teen navigating air planes bomber command burma; he tried his best at reparation ever since- wind assisted, so to speak, by the most valuable question media men were ever given - von neumann 1951 asked dad: to ask anyone/everyone what goods will peoples do with 100 times more uniting tech every decade to 2020s? In 1951, VN had 6 years left working on good (ie way above zero sum human development exchages) after the Goats of maths (including einstein turing ..) had spent moist of their life on the bad on nuclear arms racing. They had a reason to defeat hitler. I am no genius (just a listener who ,oves transparent maps/maths) ---but can anyone tell me why are we currently using nuclear races to defaeal all 8 billion of our beings. MUCH MORE IMPORTANT FROM 9/9/2022: if you have time to add positive thinking to our survey - please do

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

All over the world we are accelerating communications technology. In fact the hypothesis made at time of moon landing that this would exponentially accelerate to 4000 times moore (2030 versus 1946) is coming true but mediation of this is becoming ever more fake. The last chapter of Keynes general theory anticaipated that economists would become the greatest danger to youth unless they took a hippocratic oath to use their monopply [power to expeoinetialy lock in the future to design 2 goals - end poverty, improve livelihood opportunities of youth out of every community. Financial and education experts are double loop failing these two development challenges- witness subprime banking demonstarted how huge the gap is in the financial service market between the purpose people need and what is being led; in some ways the 4 monopolies of education - whats taugh who researches who examines who certifies are even more alarming. Can we fix this before species extinction is systeically irreversible? DigitalCooperation 1 2 WorldClassNations
You might think that in any democracy- what does our edu system teach and what could it teach is relentlessly explored. Taking the example of USA the last report of this sort that satisfies me was done in 1913- download here. Admittedly as a diaspora scot i have 2 curious criteria:
is the report being mediated for the ordinary person not just siloised in expert speak
are the youngest minds from outside the vested interest of the system (ie outside government and education) valued in the way the survey was designed and funded
To date I have only found one country that dares to ask what are we teaching and what could we be teaching. The good news is its the country with the largest population, and it has despatched to the world trade college of the UN in Geneva and a youth ambassador concerned with worldwide sustainability of youth. I agree that I dont have the funds to know if any other country truly values youth at all in the senses i am asking you to innovate. My anecdotal evidence comes in the form of tracking the world's education laureates. Surprising education has never been a nobel purpose so education only became a laureate compass in 2011 when the first lady of qatar wanted women to be free to web this debate. Every other yera Qatar awards another laureate then goes ion road shows to other countries: France (next month) US and Ghana last year, Spain, China and Tunisia previously. This is why i can testify to China caring about celebrating everywhere that wants to join in valuing youth. I should correct one error. The first education laureate was awarded to BRAC the grassroots network that empowered the world poorest women to develop Bangladesh. To this extent the majority of peoples in Bangladesh care desperately about the issues raised above but BRAC has always been an informal education system. It serves the villages and since 1999 has opened a private university which asks public servants if they would like to share in the future of learning and doing that girls want particularly in areas like last mile health which brac is a world leader of. see world record job creator sir fazle abed's learning curve 1972 to 2019 or study

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