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Saturday, May 22, 2021

strange ending to german's biggest banks

 wirecard once germany's biggest financial house by valuation 24+billion euros- has done an enron - accountants ernst young say we were lied to (for over 5 years?)- is that good enough excuse

deutche bank's latest of a string of iffy customers - only recently ending its role as main financier of donald trump- one wonders what new yorks new criminal investigation will find out

back in 2008 when america was found out to be subpriming the world; london and germany endebted banks relayed subpriming across europe- the only difference being germany ruined many national economnies eg greece locked into the euro whereas at least the city of london was decent enough to only ruin brits/ bearers of the pound

the eu's lack of sustainable purpose in accounting goes back to 2003 when i had lunch with the person who had been delegated to fund intangible audits and intellectual capital transparency as core to europe's ambition to be a major player in the knowledge economy which some people call industrial revolutions 3 and 4; the eu's 66 years since my father was the only journalist at messina's conception ilong ago gave up about susr=taining families futures whatever else the eu is about

chris the coordinator said- politicians have decided the public dont care about this research- all funding is cancelled and wont return until 3 european enrons happened in the same year; when they did subprime 2008; of course there were no funds to make goodwill exponential accounting transparent- no wonder europe doesnt have many if any youth unicorns in ai or any area where deep data trust is needed; there are even worse stories if you need to know more like barnier's destruction of youth by pretending but not really valuing paris convergences summit which was designed to take over from queen sofia's failing microcreditsummit chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

the problem of returning to its a wonderful world of community sustaining investment, as known by anyone who has visited bangladesh a lot, is that the way a billion village asian mothers developed out of extreme poverty was microfranchising last mile health services, last mile food security services, redesigning livelihood education in which girls are valued through productive community engaging livelihoods

as pope francis said at the euro parliament its unconcsionable that you are compounding economies around destroying youth, around destroying nature, destroying med sea as a bay of joyful win-win trades, 

surely to goodness if it turns out your auditing is still as bad as andersen in 2003 then its time to close down many more top heavy professions and any vested interest politicos they keep in office

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