Fascinating to track with hudson institute how many european countries have given up with the official advice of mr trump on building g5 and are letting carriers just do it with whomever offers the best deal washington dc technology's biggest leap -breaking 14 nov - many nations and continents are racing into 2020s with probably the biggest innovation crisis ever du8e to greed of governments spectrum auctions at $G #G- failure to let the peoples use 5g video would 5G exist without china -discussion welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

Thursday, January 23, 2020

with the exception of david attenborough the last time i wholly believed bbc (and english language broadcasters) had global education value was while monty python was free to mess with the news of anyone too big for their boots (well david first may have been around too)  www.futureofbbc.com

bye bye terry jones - may the holy grail be with you...

one of the original six members of Monty Python. Once the group disbanded, inspired by his work on the Holy Grail, Jones went on to become a respected medievalist. Our obituary has his full and wonderful story.

i am told americans have a similar love for jim lehrer whose death was also announced today- oh well media is a terrifying problem to anyone who cares about sustaining our species -anyone ideas on what to do - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

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