Sunday, November 8, 2015

i am just writing a real time report connecting my observations of windsor castle UN sustainability goals retreat, premio sciacca, historically black community agents across the states (rome's nobel peace/green summit was supposed to link them in out of atlanta this week but then black communities were trashed due to greed of different agents who had claimed this event would be bigger for regional regeneration than the olympics - i hope rome gets 2024 olympics but doesnt make any of atlanta's and yunus' series of fatal mistakes), 
the creative collaboration talents of female chinese millennials - and next 4 day retreat this weekend - where san diego's community builders and students this weekend ask whether leaders at the two catholic universities there are willing to empower youth

it will be very rough (all errors mine -  in case it has any useful clues among the 30 networks i find most collaborative for youth) -if there are clues i can send you more detailed bookmarks or introduce you to the key community coordinators; i am just a maths guy with too much data on human and social goodwill and badwill rsvp

apologies and thanks, chris macrae

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