1955 report what was Messina (birthing EU) for? 1945 report what was british language world service fo?; 2022-1945 what was UN & ITU for; dad. The economist's norman macrae, spent his last days as teen navigating air planes bomber command burma; he tried his best at reparation ever since- wind assisted, so to speak, by the most valuable question media men were ever given - von neumann 1951 asked dad: to ask anyone/everyone what goods will peoples do with 100 times more uniting tech every decade to 2020s? In 1951, VN had 6 years left working on good (ie way above zero sum human development exchages) after the Goats of maths (including einstein turing ..) had spent moist of their life on the bad on nuclear arms racing. They had a reason to defeat hitler. I am no genius (just a listener who ,oves transparent maps/maths) ---but can anyone tell me why are we currently using nuclear races to defaeal all 8 billion of our beings. MUCH MORE IMPORTANT FROM 9/9/2022: if you have time to add positive thinking to our survey QueenofHearts.city - please do

Sunday, November 1, 2015

we want millennials and pro-youth cities to be sustainable and believe this means that unlike the green washing of the millennium goals to 2015
 youth innovations need to be embedded as fast as possible in a few sustainability development goals and then all goals- we need new educational curriculum to achieve
this and we partner new channels such as www.yazmi.com  which has satellite access to 5 billion people's learning needs

different cities link to greater or less degree following information flows

information on which people  inside each un or other  organisations eg WHO are up for collaboration needed for the goal to be achieved

where apps/coders competitions are being scaled out of the city and how to connect cities through hubs hackathons and their processes that can ensure competitions are not just one time events 
so students can become alumni of each others most collaborative and sustainable solutions,friendships and young professional exchanges -the above zero sum action learning economy directly traded between millennials is much bigger that zero-sum gdps calculation 20thc government macroeconmists rule over and spin currency wars around- my fathers life work at The Economist warned this system transformation would be the grand challenge of investing in the net generation and sustainability sans frontieres

spaces and channels for missing curriculum - eg a curriculum of each sustainability goal which integrates apps and other bottom-up solutions iteratively- studying the curriculum is not about certification but putting a millennials network in the middle of the most informed uses of the web as a smart medium and their focal sustainability competence and so better job creation capability

we also search economists whose  models peacefully stand up for the futures of poorest demographic segments or faiths whose servants end inequality by working deeply in the community
the cross-connection of mindset of pope francis and jim kim is a wonderful if temporary opportunity to build out from for millennials in either DC or rome

i hope that compass illustrates the hi-trust connections we are trying to build as we linkin millennials and pro-youth cities -with goal 11 being probably the most open way forward to do this that we have so far collected UN data on

chris macrae - dc and sustainable  youth anywhere www.alumnisat.com www.amychina.net www.economistuniversity.com 

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